GRASS 1.7 Mac Install Instructions:


Following the links to binaries from takes you to this Unix Compatibility Framework site:


As noted on the GRASS GIS page of the Framework site,  you need to install “GDAL Complete 1.7, FreeType and cairo frameworks" prior to installing GRASS


For these, follow the frameworks link to


* Please note, these frameworks are all to be run on Leopard or Snow Leopard.  If you're using an older OS, there are additional instructions on the frameworks page in a “Table of Contents” block at the top right


After all frameworks are downloaded, double click each .dmg icon to open


Install each framework by clicking on the .pkg file in


Back to the GRASS and install the appropriate GRASS 6.4 for your OS following the same steps as you did for the frameworks


GRASS should now be available in your applications folder, unless you selected somewhere specific for the install


There is also a GRASS GDAL plug-in .pkg in the .dmg download, which I did not install.  GRASS seems to run alright, but if you run into issues, you may need to download this one as well.